A Mei Tai

So I finished making a Mei Tai (pronounced “May Tie”) today. I’ve been wanting to make one since I tried on an Ergo while looking for a hiking backpack for Abi 2 weeks ago. The Ergo seemed sketchy to me for hiking but I liked the feel of it and thought one would be great for around the house. Some of you know I’ve gotten really into pouch slings, but I have a bad neck and this seems to distribute the weight better. Since this is an Asian traditional baby carrier, I thought it might work better for me since I have a small frame and most asian women have small frames too! I didn’t want to spend another $100, so I decided to try to make one of these out of what I had.
I cut out all the pieces 2 nights ago, and pilfered some parts from my very old, smelly Camelbak that I haven’t used in a while. I had all the fabric that I needed although I had to get a little creative. I loosely followed a pattern you can find here, but I made several changes. You can read more about how I made it at Craftster if you’re really interested!
Abi seems to be really comfy in it and it is fairly comfy for me too. She took a nap in it as soon as we tried the front carry this afternoon. I can also carry her on my back, but that takes a little more skill to get it tied right!

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