Wes was gone last night and most of today to – Elko – of all places. Abi and I tried to make the best of it, but we still missed him. Today I finally got around to finishing planting a veggie garden. I started back in May with some tomatoes and oregano, and today I bought and planted dill, cantaloupe, yellow zucchini, acorn squash, peppers, and some mini zinnias.
The soil here is pretty fertile, to my surprise. It feels like a loamy clay and it has a reasonable amount of organic matter in it. It appears to be high in nitrogen, too. I’m such a dork, tomorrow I’ll probably get out my soil test kit and check to see if I am right or not.
The most fun part of any gardening project, or any project, really, is buying the supplies. I love going to the nursery. There is one one our way home from the Y, so we stopped today after Pilates class. The lady knows who I am, since I stop there a lot and tell her “I’m just looking for ideas” or walk around for 30 minutes and then spend $2 on some tiny plant. Abi loves looking at the flowers, and so do I. Maybe she will like plants as much as her mom, who knows?

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