A messy subject

Our sermon yesterday morning was about abortion and the sanctity of human life. Our pastor, Peter, made some very good points about this gut-wrenching issue. Too often, Christians tend to say “nooooo…baaaaad” and point fingers when dealing with major issues like this. Really, we need to be concerned about the condition of people’s hearts. Abortion kills babies and kills the hearts of the parents. It IS bad, and it IS a problem – instead of calling us to arms/picket lines/petitions…, Peter was calling us to love. Allowing God to fill our hearts with love will do more than any legislation ever will. Love for human life, the very breath of God, would prevent abortion. And love for human life would work to heal the hearts of those who have been part of an abortion in the past. I was saddened, challenged, and filled with hope after hearing this word yesterday.

As a mother, this issue really hit home. After almost losing Abi to surgery intended to remove her because she was in the “wrong” place and had no chance of survival, I feel that I experienced God’s love for the unborn. Abi was barely a beating heart – and He saved her and wanted her to experience life.


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