The Answer to Yesterday’s Question

The answer to yesterday’s question is “NO!” But that’s ok. I did the race at Winter Park today. I DID accomplish both my goals: I had fun, and I finished. And believe me, I didn’t want to finish. So I do feel good about that.
On the other hand, I came in last – DEAD last. I don’t think I have ever been beaten that badly in a mountain bike race. I was 45 minutes off the winning time. Beginners were passing me and they were staged 10 minutes back. Now, my hands are numb and half of my back is visibly swollen. The course was ROUGH.
So, Joe Friel says you learn more doing the races that you don’t win. I learned that you can’t nurse a baby and race competitively. I learned that my old equipment is beating me up, new stuff won’t make me faster, but it will save my back. And I learned that I can still have fun, even from the back of the pack on an old bike.
The real hero today was Wes. He was so supportive and he was the one encouraging me to do it. He and Abi hung out together, and he got in a short fun ride afterwards. I can’t believe what a supportive hubby I have, I am very thankful for him.
Am I going to hang up my jersey? Not just yet. I think the nursing / no sleep thing and not training affected my race a lot today! I would like to give this series another try next year. It’ll still be there. In the meantime, I’ll keep riding for fun, and if anyone wants to make donations to the “Save Laura’s Back” fund, a.k.a. “Full-suspension bike” fund, they will be greatly appreciated. JK.

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6 responses to “The Answer to Yesterday’s Question

  1. Wow Laura I am so proud of you. That is a great accomplishment to finish. I am also glad you are still nursing. She is getting so big and she is so beautiful. I hope to see you guys soon. Take care Love ya

  2. Great Job!!! You go mama. Your goals were met, and last here in Colorado is no slouch!

    I do agree with you about racing and nursing. I didn’t feel “able” to start really exercising again until I finished nursing Annie at 11 months. You are eons ahead of me on that one!!!

    Give yourself a break, take training one day at a time and remember that it’s a balancing act, with no one item in your life getting “full support”

    Wess is the bomb, but we already knew that, didn’t we??

    Awesome, awesome job, you are a rock star!!

  3. Laura,

    Goodness o mighty you go girl! Just think about what you accomplished…how many other gals are nursing in the race? It looked like you had a blast! Knowing that Wes and Abi were there by your side trully was a fine thing. You are right though about the out West is very different than the east coast…it’s so dry and things crack easily..also you have altitude that you didn’t have before…I think you need a sealevel course to see how strong you really have become. It’s your first race in a long time and you finished…way to go..I’m sure this is not your last.

    Love to all, Bisous

  4. Hey Laura, nice blog page. You’ve always been an inspiration for me as far as sports and fitness (and many other things) go, and that hasn’t stopped! I’m so glad you enjoy having a nice family to support you. You are an awesome big sister.
    Lots of Love,

  5. It sounds like you did awesome Laura and stayed positive. I’m so proud of you! I love your new blog and can’t wait to read about more of your adventures as a new mom, wife, friend, daughter of the Most High…

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