Why do I go to La Leche League?

So this morning we have another Leche League meeting. Why do I go to these? Because of the support that LLL provides for Abi and I! I am actually a real “official” member, and I even signed up to help with a group job this month. Wes calls LLL the “breastfeeding Nazis” (affectionately, of course). I have some days I want to quit, or days when I feel really weird for choosing to nurse Abi. Just knowing I can call or email someone for help makes a huge difference and keeps me going.

What is so weird about breastfeeding? NOTHING! But I get a lot of questions like “You’re still nursing?” (Abi is only 5 months old). Like, it was great and all when she was a newborn, but why the heck are you still doing it? Maybe because milk is still her main form of sustenance – she has cereal once a day now – and my milk is perfectly suited to do the job. God designed it that way, and He knows what he’s doing. Now, that probably sounds horribly unscientific – there is also lots of research that backs up that statement. For instance, breastmilk can be left out for several hours and is still safe to feed to baby – because it has antimicrobial properties! That is just one of several cool things about it.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to give formula, and I don’t judge other moms who do. Actually, I’m really glad it was invented and they keep improving it – some babies and some moms really, really need it. I was one such baby. Things would be bad if formula wasn’t available. It’s just not the right choice for us, since I can give her my own milk (and for that I am very thankful), I might as well do it. And keep doing it!


2 responses to “Why do I go to La Leche League?

  1. I am so proud of you for nursing! The World Health Organization supports breast feeding until age 2, and the American Academy of Pediatrics urges moms to breast feed for 12 months. You are doing the right thing for your baby!
    Congratulations. AND, Nursing isn’t easy, it takes time and patience, great job mama!!!

  2. I am proud of you for nursing, too! I always knew you would make a great Mom and know what to do, even though babies don’t come with instructions (neither do husbands, for that matter). That’s what makes it more challenging than most stuff – you get to make up the rules as you go along. Only you know what is best for you and your family. Mom

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